The coloured shoe posters would be used to continue the Invisible Disabilities campaign stage two . They could also be used alongside the original campaign but perhaps be more directed at universities schools and colleges. It was time to play with colour and text and to give it the same ccompostional treatment as the photo shoe posters.

it was important to see which colours and combination of colours work together.


SHOE POSTERScolourfinal1a-2SHOE POSTERScolourfinalV3-6














Coloured version of logo is also used in posters.


SHOE POSTERScolourfinal1a-1


SHOE POSTERScolourfinalV3-5















SHOE POSTERScolourfinal1a-4SHOE POSTERScolourfinal1a-3

















SHOE POSTERScolourfinal2-2SHOE POSTERScolourfinal2-1

White outlines gives the poster a totally different look

















The initial  colours were darker.